December 2013

Mapping out the Lifecycle Marketing of Your Ideal Customer

Mapping out the Lifecycle Marketing of your ideal customer can dramatically improve your online marketing results. Are you paying for — and yet — you don’t have a way to measure results? You CAN Avoid These Costly Mistakes It Is Easier Than You Might Think You can save time, save money and improve your results […] Read more

Successful Website Case Study Series

Introducing an Ipmal Special Feature! A new successful Website Case Study Series. Today we are reviewing the case study of an successful entrepreneur in small niche within the clothing industry, we can gain insights on how Infusionsoft helped them grow their business. Small Business Website Case Study Examples The website case study examples are drawn […] Read more

6 Ways to Get More Followers On Twitter And Increase Your Income

Next to Facebook, Twitter is the second largest social network on the planet. It currently has over 105 million registered users the world over, and that number grows at an astonishing rate of 300,000 new users each day. Each day, too, over 55 million “tweets” course through the Twitter network — building relationships, engaging people […] Read more

Find The Best Keywords to Attract The Right Traffic

Search Engine Optimization specialist shares a tutorial video on finding the best keywords for planning and creating increased organic website traffic. Attract the right traffic to improve your leads and sales! Use the same Keyword Analysis tool used by SEO Service Companies! Own Your Traffic Instead of Renting A Clear Content Marketing Plan – […] Read more