Content Plans

    Content Marketing Plans and Social Media Management

    Created for small business owners that need to keep up with social media – but just don’t have the time.

    We manage this on your behalf without anyone ever knowing it’s us – as far as anyone is aware, it your company posting the updates!

    Content Marketing Plans that create lasting online marketing assets for more leads and more bookings.

    All monthly social media packages include:

    • Dedicated account manager
    • 2-3 person content & social media team
    • Social media management & monitoring
    • Content Curation and Scheduling
    • Blogging & news post creation
    • Monthly team strategy session & activity schedule
    • Monthly or Quarterly reporting
  • Your dedicated account manager will work with you to develop a creative content marketing plan tailored with a marketing calendar to engage the influencers, prospects, and customers in your industry.

    We alert you of urgent action items and keep you up-to-date with monthly reports.

    We Strategize, Schedule and Engage

    The rates we charge are priced around the cost of four hours of our team working together to create a top quality piece of content.

    Builder Package Price – From $320 Monthly,

    One content module per month can help you expand your online presence for 24 to 36 keywords over a 1 year period.

    Cost of Achiever Package – From $1200 Monthly,

    One content module per week – can help you expand to cover a range of 150 keyword phrases within one year.

  • Every business is in a different spot in terms of their overall setup and success with their online presence.

    Some businesses have on-staff skills to run and manage online marketing, while others want the entire process outsourced.

  • We approach the development of your content marketing plan with pre-tested “modules”.

    Together, we organize the content modules into a sequence of most important steps for your business. We ensure all platforms are fully setup. Then, we take a calendar and plan out the activities and content, and work together over time to ensure the ongoing content plan is being released and engagement is being measured.

  • The Modular Content Marketing Plan includes Action Modules:

    • establishing a presence across all channels
    • organize customer engagement strategies
    • deep keyword research
    • writing original articles
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • create and schedule content for each platform
    • email newsletter production
    • Infusionsoft CRM Help
  • Ipmal enables organizations or businesses to organize the development of the most important online assets first. Get your Social Media Organized today – contact our team.

    Sample List Of Content Marketing Plan Components

  • 1. Search For Like-minded People To Connect With

    • ‘Like’ Pages on Facebook
    • Create Lists on Twitter
    • Join Groups on LinkedIn
    • Create Circles, Join Communities on Google+
    • Build Boards on Pinterest
  • 2. Curate Content And Monitor Questions

    • Monitor Google Alerts
    • Social Mention Alerts
    • Subscribe To Blogs
    • Comment On Posts When Sharing
    • Answer questions, share good content
    • Tag Bloggers In Posts and conversations
  • 3. Create Stellar Original Content

    • Snappy Headlines
    • Compelling Images
    • Short Paragraphs
    • Call To Action
    • Blog Posts
    • YouTube Videos
  • 4. Community Management

    • Answer Questions
    • Start Conversations
    • Build Relationships
    • Monitor conversations around your brand
    • Reply to followers
    • Interact in groups

  • Planned Content Scheduling

    Share new content into targeted communities and make your content easy to find.

  • A. Choose How Often You’ll Post to Each Social Network, And When.

    • We use scheduling programs like Hootsuite, Buffer and others
    • Scheduled in advance with your best hashtags, taglines, links and images

    B. Share More Than Promote

    • We find targeted content from blogs we follow on top of your own content
    • for every 10 posts we share, we make 1 promotional post

    C. Periodically, Post A Call To Action

    • Occasionally link to your blogs landing pages to gain exposure to your website.

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Share Your Content And Get More Leads

Once your social media setup is complete, we help you leverage the content you have online and ensure every page and post is shared on Google Plus and across each social media platform. We don’t just dump a list of links into the online void – we carefully schedule your content distribution over time in a drip-feed process, and share all of your content into communities and groups that care about your topic.

Breath new life into old content by sharing it with the right audience, gain better search visibility in Google with everyone who Circles your business!