Blog Coaching

Using Skype – Almost Like Being There

  • Many coaching clients successfully take over managing their site and social media, then go and learn new things they teach to me later! Some clients get familiar with the process and then have my firm implement their annual plan of content development and social media promotions.

    Blog coaching is done over Skype. By sharing screens, we can quickly see and learn – just as though we are sitting side-by-side looking at the same computer screen! Teaching clients about a website over Skype has transformed the success and satisfaction of the entire training process!

  • Take Over Your Site!

    Grow Your Social Media!

    Generate New Leads And Business!

  • Social Media Coaching for resorts and lodges.

    Do you take care of your own online marketing? But you never get to it because you don’t have a clear plan? Check out a webinar to see if our step by step help is the personal training you can use right now to produce concrete, measurable results for your business.

    Find out how we can help you with specific strategies to create Geo-targeted and interest-targeted audiences to generate new leads and new business!

  • Please use these training to build all the success you want, or, decide for yourself if we can help your business.

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    Attend Free Webinars that teach easy, step-by-step methods to make the most of Social Media and Online Marketing.

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