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    We appreciate that your website is a critical center of growing your business, so we share all our processes, tips and strategies, and invite you to come and look over our shoulder.

  • Meet The Team

    Meet our Social Media Managers

  • What Does A Social Media Manager Do?

    A professional social media manager can help increase repeat business by keeping your business top-of-mind with your current clients and help to create word-of-mouth referral sales that result from recommendations by friends.

  • Learn how we can keep your social media channels growing, engaging, open new channels of communication with your current customers for more repeat sales, while staying top-of-mind and building trust with new leads and building long-term credibility for all future sales.
  • Running a small business is a busy job and social media can easily get left behind.

    We transform social media from confusing and time-consuming, into a quick and easy daily routine! See how.

  • ‘Internet Users Now Spend More Time on Blogs And Social Media Than eMail’

  • If you are not using this essential tool to drive traffic to your website and keep your search engine ranking on the rise, we can help you with initial profile setup, optimizing existing accounts, and creating great content to share.

    Social Media Setup

    Save time with our cost effective setup services – our experienced team uses a proven social media setup checklist to ensure each platform is optimized for best results.

    We can help you quickly establish a basic presence in the social media world, branded with your logo and graphics to match your brochures and website. See the package options below to choose your goals.

    Social Media Setup Package Options

    We thoroughly optimize your social media profiles, including

    • Company Name
    • Company Tagline
    • Company Color Scheme
    • Your Profile Photo
    • Your Biography
    • Call to Action

    Social Media Setup Cost

    To ensure we optimize your profiles for the best long-term search engine results, each setup package includes a full 10 Point Website Inspection Report – a $129 value, included!

  • Lite

    • Facebook Page
    • Instagram Account
    • Twitter Account

    Includes Cover Images and a 60 minute personal Skype call with instructions to install apps on your iphone to update these accounts via mobile.

  • Standard

    • Facebook Page
    • Instagram Account
    • Twitter Account
    • Google+ and YouTube
    • LinkedIn Profile and Page
    • Pinterest

    Includes Professional Cover Images, Two personal Skype calls with instructions to install apps on your iphone to update each social platform via mobile.

  • Save Money On Setup Costs

    Virtual Assistant and Social Media Manager

    Created for business owners that need to be present in the online marketplace, but just don’t have the time. We become your virtual office assistant team, and manage your blog and social media on your behalf without anyone ever knowing it’s us – as far as anyone is aware, it your company posting the updates!

    Find out how you can save money on setup costs by starting a monthly content plan. Your dedicated account manager will work with you to develop a creative content marketing plan, tailored to engage the influencers, prospects, and customers in your industry.

    Social Media Results

    We constantly review the metrics for determining the effectiveness of your social media activity. We work with you to cultivate a social media portfolio that will pay dividends with:

    • greater word-of-mouth exposure
    • instant credibility with new leads
    • loyal, repeat customers.

  • Social media has revolutionized the way business can build and maintain relationships with customers and their friends – regardless of your company’s size or location.

    Social media campaigns can build customer loyalty, generate word-of-mouth leads and referrals, provide revealing data about your consumer demographics.

  • With more than a decade of web marketing experience, Ipmal Social Media understands the power of the social web.

    We don’t just send chatter into the online void; we target content towards specific audiences.

  • Use Social Media To Grow Your Brand

  • Build real followers, build better online reviews and gain word-of-mouth referrals using Social Media services like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube, LinkedIn, TripAdvisor and more.

    Manage social media campaigns and day-to-day activities by maintaining external social media profiles with consistent updates following our planned content and design.

    Quarterly or monthly, re-measure your benchmarks to evaluate the impact of social media programs. Analyze, review, and report on results of campaigns in an effort to maximize improvements.

  • Follow The Social Assets Process!

    Social Strategies That Build Trust.

    Online Word-Of-Mouth Marketing!

  • We do not just set up your Social Media and leave you on your own, instead, we become advocates of our clients in social media spaces, engaging in dialogues and alerting you to the need for answering questions where appropriate, helping to monitor and manage your online Reputation.

    We can coordinate with your team, content creators and website developers, to ensure a consistent voice while cultivating your social media referral network to measurably grow your brand awareness, develop unique and helpful content assets to generate inbound traffic, and grow your sales.