The Discovery Tour Report

Recently a fishing charter company from Nicaragua was referred to me and I agreed to create a discovery report about their online presence.

With this service, I take a tour of your online presence, discover what I can find and report. This is a brief benchmark of your Brand online right now, and some strategies to get better results.

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Here Is My Discovery Tour Report

This Fishing Charter Service is looking for some help with their online marketing to get more bookings for fishing tours…I specialize in online marketing for lodges, resorts and tour guides, and always learn something from every site I study.

Website – It is nice – like the photos… clear and organized… it has information for trip booking and a basic contact-us page.

  • There are no promotions of your social media from your website…
  • Would be powerful to have your best tripadvisor testimonials featured…
  • No ‘lead magnets’ to entice website visitors join your email list…
  • and I don’t see a blog format where you can post new content
  • Broken link to sitemap page causes SEO penalties
  • and your contact email is a free gmail, not your domain name, reducing overall trust.

Page on Facebook– 75 Likes – some good recent updates! – great to see happy customers catching fish… I like the content…
  • scheduling the pictures to go out every few days would be a good strategy…
  • the domain name on the facebook page is not redirecting to the main website…
  • check the settings on your domain and hosting to ensure all the different domains end up a the correct website.
TripAdvisor – some fantastic reviews on tripadvisor… one really bad one that stands out…

  • bring those good reviews to the website and feature them!

Google My Business – Hmm – I can’t seem to find you listed there yet.

Other –

I found you on nice to see the photos there as well –

  • the review there is not the greatest, but doesn’t reflect badly so still helps build credibility that your are an actual business.

Is this your channel on youtube?

  • Some good content there that can be SEO optimized for better search results and then cross promoted on other platforms!

and finally –

you do well on google image searches for your business name –

  • the boat photo with your business name is a great eye-catcher!

—— What Next? ——–

First – improve

Improve the website with more credibility statements to build trust with online shoppers.

  • Integrate social media onto your website to permit easy connections

Second – get set up

  • set up email newsletter on website to collect contact details
  • Set up all your social media:
  • Google My Business profile – improve youtube channel
  • Set up Twitter and Pinterest profiles
  • Set up LinkedIn Personal Profile and Business Page

Finally – get more attention

  • Current Assets: Use Hootesuite to slowly cross-promote your old photos and videos from your website onto other platforms, Google, Pinterest, twitter, linkedin etc
  • Present Day News: Use a mobile phone to post new photos via facebook or instagram – and upload short video clips from your phone directly to YouTube or Instagram.

Building For The Future: 

  • Ask every guest if they are on social media – if so, find out which, and connect with them.
  • encourage each guest to connect up and follow on social media.
  • Contact and follow up with previous guests and connect with them on social media


Thanks for requesting this Discovery Tour Report – I can help you with all of these stages. If you are interested in learning more about how affordable each part would be, send me a note and we can talk details.

If you are not ready to take action just yet, then be sure to register and keep in touch with the training I am offering!

All the best!

Douglas Lampi

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