Find The Best Keywords to Attract The Right Traffic

Search Engine Optimization specialist shares a tutorial video on finding the best keywords for planning and creating increased organic website traffic.

Attract the right traffic to improve your leads and sales!

  • Learn how to study competitor businesses and uncover their highest value keywords!
  • Reveal the Google Ads PPC campaigns used by companies in your niche!

Use the same Keyword Analysis tool used by SEO Service Companies!

Own Your Traffic Instead of Renting

A Clear Content Marketing Plan – Target the correct audience by creating the right content and find success faster.

Get the reports.

We pinpoint the best keyword phrases used by the top ranking online competitors in your industry! Own the organic traffic instead of renting paid traffic with Google Ads. We include product research and market research as part of our keyword analysis as we craft each content marketing plan.

We send you the full Top Organic Competitor Spreadsheet, Top Ad Competitor Keyword Spreadsheets and provide a the top 150 phrases – enough for crafting a year of weekly blog posts in your content plan!


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