Four Steps To An Organized Social Media Plan.

Why Social Media?

Blogging and social media, or content marketing, have proven to be successful for business in all industries, which explains the year-over-year growth in its adoption. Established businesses benefit immediately from social media by:

  1. enhancing customer service,
  2. more effective follow up,
  3. better customer retention and
  4. more online word-of-mouth referrals from your current guests.

Is It Time To Catch Up?

Our informal 2014 survey revealed that very few lodge and resorts have an organized content and social media plan.

Four Steps To An Organized Social Media Plan

  • This four step social media setup checklist can serve as a guide to help you organize the information you need, and create a basic content plan for the next couple months!

  • Social Media Plan Preparation

    Gather the basic information you will need to fill out each profile.


    • Your profile name
    • profile email address
    • small profile picture
    • 150 word intro paragraph
    • set of best 5 keyword phrases
    • website address you are marketing

  • The words and phrases used in your description and bio in your profiles will determine how your are found when people are searching for your services or experience, and they must be catchy enough to demonstrate how your customers can benefit from the content you create.

    If you haven’t already, we recommend fresh keyword research to find the payday keywords for your industry.

    Step 1 – Register

    Create a consistent look and optimize your business profiles with the same logos and profile photos. You could start your social networking journey with this master list of social networking websites, but we recommend the big six: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Linkedin, Pinterest.

    Each platform has specifications for cover images, profile images, links and descriptions that can be included in your profile information. Here are a few helpful infographics to help ensure you set up business profiles for best effects!

    Don’t get intimidated. It is a lot of work, but it only needs to be done once – and it can generate leads for years to come.

    If you want to be thorough, check our social media setup package options.

    Step 2 – Listen

    Now you have an easy way to provide customer service and generate more online word-of-mouth referrals, just by helping your current guests! Set up your computer or your iphone to alert you when your customers engage with you through these new channels.

    • Listen so you can reply: Install the apps on your iphone or ipad and test to ensure you are getting active notifications when someone comments or engages with your profiles.
    • Listen so you can engage: Set up many different ‘Google alerts’ for your business name, set up Google alerts for your keywords, set up Twitter alerts for your hashtags
    • Listen so you can share: create Google circles and get email notices for their activities, subscribe to industry blogs.

    You may feel that multiple profiles on social networking sites and all these alerts will be overwhelming to monitor and manage – or you may be excited how these tools make it easier and faster to get new leads to grow your business! Either way, you can work at your own pace and adjust the activity and frequency of the alerts you receive.

    Step 3 – Publish

    Start a drip-feed campaign to slowly share your content onto each of the social platforms. Social media is not an avenue to broadcast your content, so this process must be done slowly. In order to Tweet, Like, Pin, Share and Plus each page on your website and each post on your blog, we recommend using Hootsuite or hire us to organize a spreadsheet and schedule the slow sharing of you content to the social media networks.

    Content Marketing Results

    It takes planning and time to create content that will result in a steady climb in the visibility, credibility, and desirability of your business.

    Listen for questions and then create content that helps to provide solutions. Share your solutions with members of communities, and they will share on your behalf.

    It becomes easier to measure the results of your content marketing when you plan out your customer lifecycle in advance.

    Step 4 – Connect

  • A business can gain great rapport by answering questions and helping provide solutions to members of communities, this can lead to many new connections and potential business leads long after the fact.

    Often, a few groups and communities stand out as exceptional ways to build connections – these can be ear-marked and prioritized for more participation.


    Connecting is a deeper form of listening.

  • Gaining Rapport With Influencers

    After your friends list and influence has grown to a few hundred people, you are very likely to gain rapport and influence with other people who are well connected – and this is when your new content can start getting shared at a faster rate than you could ever do on your own.

    Content Marketing On A Budget

    Some content suggestions you can produce and share on a budget of under $1000 per month.

    • Photos – cell phone-quality photos can make great content to publish and share.
    • Memes – add emotional and thought provoking quotes to original photos and republish for great sharing.
    • Video – shoot the video yourself with your cellphone and outsource the editing and promotion.
    • Blog Content – to target 100-150 new keyword phrases: hire a writer for one blog post per week for one year.
    • Written Reports – produce free guides (10-12 pages) for prospects and clients to download.
    • eMail – include call to action to bring prospects into your Customer Relations Management suite to nurture and educate them about your product or service.

    Tips and Take-A-Ways

    Jump in anytime and combine our Social Media Setup Package with one month of the Content Sharing Package and get the 10 Point Website Inspection as our Gift!

    Join helpful Webinars as we teach you how to optimize each of your social media profiles, help you set up to listen to your online audience and get your Social Media Plan into action!

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