How to make a Content Marketing Plan

How to get more word of mouth referrals and save hours of time on social media with a content marketing plan

  • Today’s message is non technical, so it fits well to the podcast format.

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    Making A Content Plan: Step One

    Let us define what is a content marketing plan, what you need in place in order to implement a content marketing plan, how to go about creating a plan and finally – how to save hours of computer time and achieve far greater reach and better results from all your online marketing activities.

    Knowing that 70% to 90% of vacation shoppers use online to select a trip, then it is a money generating asset to have a good presence in all the main places that people use for vacation planning.  People start with search, and check review websites, social media websites and business websites.  

    This means we want our website, our business review profile and our social media profile all optimized for the most important keywords that people are using when they search for your services or experience.   

  • A content plan will give us a means to consistently increase our presence across a planned range of keyword phrases – intentionally broadening our visibility across the ‘payday keyword phrases’.

    Our content marketing plans include a routine to maintain and grow a visible “activity history” to build trust with all future audiences that find us. 

    For example: if a new referral checks out your page on Facebook and they can scroll back past months and years of updates – that builds trust and credibility.

    Would you agree that a good content plan would turn each active platform into a lasting content asset?

    In this podcast, I share a way to get organized so you can achieve far greater reach and build these platform assets while saving hours of computer time coordinating everything.

  • What do you need to set up for a content plan?  

  • You can achieve far greater results and save hours of work each week if you set up your online website and social media the right way.  Organized correctly, all the pieces work together and grow each other – with far less time and effort than you might imagine.

    Here are the basics you need before you begin a content marketing plan,

    • website with blog built in
    • landing pages
    • a lead capturing system
    • google analytics
    • A full suite of social media platforms
    • set up in listen-mode to monitor all channels

    Content is published to the blog, then shared to social media.  Social media activity on the website helps to build better organic rankings in search,  brings traffic to the website which brings people to your lead capturing tools – and once a visitor registers – that’s where the real relationship development begins.

  • Many successful business people miss the distinction between their website, a blog and social media – mistakenly using a free blog service as though it is a social media platform.  

    The website and blog are one.

    And when I use the words website or blog, I am using both terms to refer to the main business website.  I’ll explain more detail about the difference between pages on your website and blog posts on your website, and how they work together with social media to draw visitors to your lead capturing offers and starts a relationship with them.

    If you still have a static website and a blog on a different platform – consider investing in an upgraded mobile friendly website that will combine both sets of content.  Wordpress is great for small business and corporations.  

    Aweber is a very good email autoresponder tool, but if you are managing more than 300 leads per year, you should also consider Infusionsoft customer relations management as your core lead capturing, and even as your booking management tool.

  • Making a content plan starts with keyword research and a calendar.

  • First we mark out specifics on the calendar, second we write in keywords onto our calendar of events:
    • the main social events for each month of the year
    • opening and closing dates
    • pre-opening season content
    • open season content strategy
    • season close routine
    • off-season content plans

  • A Content Plan Improvement Case Study


    Get Greater Results, Spend Less Time

  • This client had a blog with fishing reports on one platform and his lodge website, and he had been using his iphone to post to his Facebook page every few days for a couple years.

    Now we have our website set up with his fishing reports in his blog, this same business owner can now send an email with the picture to his website, the website posts the new pictures to the blog and then automatically shares these new photos to facebook, google plus, twitter, tumblr and others!

    The same work, the same routine, organized differently, and we can see a growing asset on the website along with a virtual butterfly effect on the reach that can be achieved with the same time!

  • 80% Pictures, 20% Text

    Generally, about 80 percent of content is in the form of images that the business owner takes with his iphone and then shares on the blog, or individually to Instagram or twitter, or facebook. 

    This only takes a few minutes each day while the activities are going on, and with our setup of website and automatic sharing, this saves hours of extra time at the computer while gaining far greater reach! 

  • Social Media Virtual Assistant

    Our web team can provide Social Media Virtual Assistance packages to help lodge and resort owners implement your content marketing plan.

    We can cross-share new posts, collect images and tune for keyword phrases, edit videos for processing, publishing and promoting, update the blog with planned content, organize the timing of content sharing and much more.

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