How a good content marketing strategy pays back over time.

The phrase ‘content is king’ is not helpful to your content marketing strategy, without some specifics you can measure and plan to attain.

How can you tell if you have good content?

‘Create good content’ is such a vague goal that it may take a beginner a while to bump around and finally learn what works. It seems everyone will have a different definition – depending on what your goals are… but the basic essence is the same – you can tell you have good content when you automatically attract new leads or sales on a regular basis.

The Inbound Content Marketing Strategy

The center of an ‘Inbound Content Marketing Strategy’ rests on engagement from your audience. It assumes that you have a solution that people need – and that they are looking for a way to solve their problem.

The first while of a long-term content marketing plan can be a big investment because the results don’t come in all at once. It takes a lot of hours and careful keyword planning to map out the content you want to produce and the sequence you want to produce it.

However, once the content is published, this asset can continue building new leads for you over time.

Do You Wake Up To New Leads Each Day?

This screenshot is from a one-year content marketing project that ended ten months ago, and shows about 24 hours worth of notifications of new social media connections.

While no new videos have been created in ten months, the daily viewership and earnings are now higher than it was while the channel was publishing regularly. The project audience is growing, and it continues to make money via Youtube ads, Google Adsense ads and product sales!

Build it, Tune it, Then Cruise.

This project is primarily focused around a website and a youtube channel, and also includes a page on Google Plus, a Twitter account and Vine account, and a page on Facebook.

After the year of content production was completed, we put in a few hours each month to better focus the keywords and SEO specifics for the pages and videos with lower viewership.

As a result of this good long-term content marketing plan, tuned to the correct search phrases, the website and social media channels continue to build on each other to attract new leads on a daily basis without any further active marketing.

Would YOU like a daily stream of new leads?

First, get set up. Establish a professional presence on all the big social media. Second, if you have a small business or a hobby, or you want to make some income online… craft a content marketing strategy to create and publish some new content every week for a year. Larger businesses can publish more often.

After the initial content production, the focus of the project management changes to tuning the SEO, responding to people and building relationships with new connections.

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