Ideal Timing Of Tourism Tim’s Course

It’s December 2, 2011,
the temp is -3C in Winnipeg
– it’s windy so it feels colder.

Got my coffee ready and I’m digging in to the new course by Tourism Tim for the third day straight. It’s been a marathon to go through all the material he’s presented! Normally the course is presented in bite-sized pieces over several weeks, but I got access to the entire buffet!

  • These are busy days for me, and it’s hard to drop everything and spend three days focused on something that I hadn’t planned for
  • …but sometimes I discover a new internet marketing strategy that makes me change the way I build my websites, from the ground up.

  • This is one of those times.

    And I want to blog about exactly what my experiences are, while they are happening, with the knowing that my story will only resonate with the small segment of the world who are also trying to improve the sales success of their current website.

    Great Sequence Of Teaching

    Tim knows his stuff and has the track record of success in helping tourism and travel professionals make their site into a marketing piece that converts, are time-tested and proven to generates sales and bookings.

    The material in the course is brilliant!

    For me, the course started out with an aspect of web design that I wasn’t expecting.

    It felt something like a baseball-bat-wallop out of no where – and it clarified something I had seen before, but didn’t even recognize.

    And then, Tim followed up with a clearly organized, masterfully edited, 56 page ebook that, for me, was like a super slow motion replay of the baseball-bat-wallop… from several angles.

    Testimonial Proof

    After hitting you with everything up front, then Tim presents a series of detailed case study videos that reveal how these strategies help his clients improve aspects of their website design that, as a result, get more bookings. I love the client testimonial videos that are included at the start of each section of the course.

    Sometimes, it’s hard for me to watch his entire video, I’m so excited that I want to dash off and implement these improvements on a dozen websites all at the same time!!

    Today’s Module is Search Engine Optimization

    I’m completely stoked about this section of the course and I want to cut this blog post short and get to it!

    I think Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a fantastic career for anyone who would do well in perpetual university.

    SEO used to be focused on the keywords and keyword density of your web page, and then it started to include links in the importance, then the quality of link and anchor text became critical elements and now we have real time search and a focus on the most recent material and the additional weighting that social actions now have on the staying-power of newly gained top rankings…

    SEO now also includes the social engagement of your customers.

    UPDATE: December 3, 2011 —

    I just finished taking Tourism Tim’s Marketing Success Course, and it is changing the way I have to build websites – right from the bottom up!

  • I now see opportunity to increase the effectiveness of all the top search rankings I have achieved, by including these components on all of the websites that I have created!

    In fact, I looked at my own business web design website and thought:

  • ‘WOW! I’m missing all of these core components on my *own* website!’

  • When The Student Is Ready, The Teacher Appears.

  • I feel really lucky that have taken this course right now because I have three or four different projects that I’m working on where I can get the practical experience of directly implement all of his recommendations!
  • These projects are all in different stages of development – some of them are long-standing websites I’ve been doing content marketing strategies for years, and some of them are brand-new redesigns where I’m switching an old website over into the WordPress Publishing Platform.

    I’m really keen to review how Tim recommendations can benefit my tourism clients – however, after completing his course, I believe the very same things that work on a tourism website will work on any different website.


    Worksheets For Everyone

    After completing Tim’s Course, I’ve spent the past week contacting clients, doing a ‘Tourism Tim Worksheet’ on each page of their website, discussing the changes – and starting on the updates to their websites – knowing that Tim will be personally reviewing one or two of these projects!!

    I’m very excited with the new learning – and a bit overwhelmed!

    Presently I am implementing the step by step plans on adding Tim’s Components to the design and layout of my current projects. I’m meeting with clients over skype, bringing up the Tourism Tim Worksheet and filling out the form with each client.

    Then, after we complete the worksheet, we review their individual websites and start planning the changes to be made that will incorporate Tim’s recommendations – changes in design, graphics, layout and text… even color changes are considered as we reflect on these critical updates.

    Next is the phase of doing.

    Core concepts have been learned, meetings with clients organized and completed, now the updates are underway on the first sites that will be placed on the Hot Seat for review!

    The Tourism Tim Success Hot-Seat

    I just watched the webinar replay that Tim Warren Hosted for the people who are presently taking the course – and it gave me even more clarity about the elements of a page that can be improved to help increase bookings!! Sorry I missed the Live Event, but completely awesome to watch the replay!

    I am super excited to get back to work!! Many thanks Tim!

    More updates to follow!

    To Your Success,


    Not Blogging? Not Social-Ready? Not Mobile-Ready?

    Not reorganizing your content and marketing message to match Tourism Tim’s Strategies? These new changes are incorporated in the very design and engineering of every website I build from now on.

    Was Your Website Created Before iPads Were Invented?

    Is it time for your business to consider a content marketing plan? Set up specific, step-by-step strategies that change throughout each month of the year – specifically created FOR the small to medium seasonal tourism business.

    The most fantastic thing about Tourism Tim’s Course is that both his strategies and our content marketing plans fit together perfectly – and I can’t wait to share more about that as well!

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