Douglas Lampi. Author and CEO of Ipmal Social Media

Ipmal Social Media was founded 2013 in Winnipeg Manitoba, by Douglas Lampi, self-starting digital media-focused individual who has been serving clients as a freelance online marketing specialist since 2001.

Doug has an outgoing personality, enjoys meeting new people, networking, public speaking and thrives on the ever-changing online marketing landscape. Influenced by his Father who says ‘If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it’, Doug is fascinated by web analytics and creating results.

Author of several books on Amazon, Doug is happiest using his experience to help your team to grow your social media and to develop your Customer Relations Management tools to save staff time and boost business leads and sales.

  • Doug holds a Bachelor of Science Honors Degree from Brandon University, and a second degree Black Belt in Karate from the Japan Karate Association, and though he is retired to resistance training and swimming now, Doug enjoyed 25 years teaching Shotokan Karate, producing national champions who continue to teach and train karate today.

Recently returned to Canada after living six months in Brazil, Doug continues to learn and practice speaking Portuguese.

Years volunteer experience serving the Atikokan Chamber of Commerce, with terms as Director, Vice President and President, Doug also served as Vice President of the Provincial Government Lobby Organization, NOACC, Northwestern Ontario Associated Chambers of Commerce. Doug attained CPR Instructors Certification and served as a volunteer firefighter for the Iqualuit, NWT, and Niobe Lake Fire Departments.

Digital Marketing Management

Plan, Compare, Review, Plan…

We help you plan out your ideal customer lifecycle in a flowchart, complete an online competitor analysis, then create content goals to grow a lasting source of organic, inbound traffic. We look at the right mix of marketing tools to plan how content, distribution, SEO, and general brand management play a role in building and engaging an audience to increase business leads and sales.

How We Became a Social Media Marketing Agency

Starting as a web design company, our continual research into the evolving marketing needs of business has led us to success in unexpected places, providing services that are far removed from our original business plan. This is our story of how we became a behind-the-scenes social media marketing agency focused on serving businesses.

In 2013 we changed our focus to helping small Companies to create and achieve far greater results from their social media presence.

As we attended the conferences of Marketing Organizations and Marketing Associations, and spoke to people, over and over again, we started hearing the same problems small business owners were facing:

  • They didn’t know how to get social media results that they could measure.
  • They wanted more success with social media but they weren’t interested in the hours and months of computer time, learning what works and what doesn’t.
  • They didn’t have the skills needed to achieve a strong social media presence and many small businesses couldn’t afford the risk of hiring an employee to specialize on their social media when the returns were unknown.
  • Many had tried hiring online marketing specialists, paid costly fees, and after achieving no results, they were looking for a company with a proven track record of success.

Making Social Media Marketing Services Our Focal Point

It was these discussions that prompted us to re-focus our business plans to serving the needs of small companies wanting to build stronger online word-of-mouth marketing via social media. Today we serve local companies wanting to build success on social media – gaining the benefits, without having to invest hours of time each week to do so.

Continual Learning With A Commitment To The Future

Originally, we were 100% focused on providing Search Engine Friendly WordPress Web Design for Fishing and Hunting Lodges across Canada. We created websites and created social profiles that a business owner could login and publish a monthly blog on their own, and we provided coaching and training to support them in the learning curve.

And while teaching and training social media managers still a part of our core competency and a keystone to our content marketing strategies, we found that most small business owners got into the business so they could work with people, enjoy the outdoors, and get out of an office environment.

Online marketing requires social media expertise, a commitment of time to establish a consist presence. Social media networks may be free to use, but learning what works and what doesn’t – takes a significant investment of time. Once you know what works, regular time investment is then needed to consistently connect with your customers and followers, timely response is needed and make the most of the opportunities that arise when your audience shares and engages with your content.

Our most successful websites and social media were with companies who completely outsourced these activities to our team so they could focus on growing their audience in a measurable way.

That’s why our business has shifted focus to providing turn-key social media marketing services – and why we focus on serving those who want to grow their social media audience to improve repeat sales and to gain new customers with online word-of-mouth.

Our Commitment To You

We will continue providing the free webinars and podcasts because it is our mission to help you achieve success. We are enthusiastic to continue creating the free webinars and social media training content that so many small businesses have come to know us by.

Building Trust With Case Studies And Training

Ipmal Social Media is focused on earning revenues by providing social media marketing services, but we know it’s hard to choose a new web designer or social media marketing agency. Creating webinars, case studies and and podcasts, and answering your questions has always been our best way for our team to clarify and share our processes so you can compare us to other service providers. That is why we have always looked to give more in the way of advice and free resources!

Will continue to help small companies make that important step in their online marketing, by providing great training – no matter if you are ever likely to become our client!

Thank you to everyone who has stuck by us on our entrepreneurial journey. Your support and encouragement brings joy to our daily lives through continually helping others turn social media into a real business opportunity.

  • Author of two books about online content marketing, now available on Amazon – ‘Eight Elements of The Ideal Blog Post’, and ‘The Economics of Marketing Tourism on Facebook’.

    We support our clients with one-on-one coaching and continuing Training and Education Webinars to help you learn best practices on your own schedule.

    A champion of social media tools and technologies, we have a track record of creative and successful social media campaigns to engage and grow online audiences that help meet client business and sales objectives.

  • Over a decade of proven experience in gaining top search rankings, building targeted email subscriber lists, and growing organic social media audiences, we can help you gain new bookings and better repeat sales through carefully planned content marketing.

    We research and discover your competitor’s keyword strategies and paid ad campaigns, and then develop unique annual marketing plans for each small businesses. We can help you shift to an inbound marketing strategy and ensured placement in social content web sites such as Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, etc