Mapping out the Lifecycle Marketing of Your Ideal Customer

Mapping out the Lifecycle Marketing of your ideal customer can dramatically improve your online marketing results.

Are you paying for

  • A webdesign company to manage your website?
  • Marketing on Facebook? Google Ads traffic?
  • Print ads? Magazines?
  • Sport Shows and Trade Shows?

— and yet — you don’t have a way to measure results?

You CAN Avoid These Costly Mistakes

It Is Easier Than You Might Think

You can save time, save money and improve your results with automated lead nurturing and customer follow-up!

You CAN Get Better Website Marketing Results!

For more than ten years, our developers have been achieving top rankings in Google, while creating steady, organic growth of social media profiles!

The websites we create have always been state-of-the-art.

  • they rank well in the search engines
  • they have a low bounce rate and good page-view ratios
  • they generate a wide footprint of long-tail organic traffic
  • they create inquiries from social media leads
  • website inquiries are generated from organic searches
  • our websites generate the action of direct phone calls

AND NOW – once the inquiry process is started – we nurture, convert, sell, follow up and upsell – with a customized contact sequence created exclusively for your business so we can tell exactly how our online marketing initiatives are converting to sales.

Design, Content, Visibility, Call-To-Action, AND ROI.

Modular Marketing Plan For The Year

Our 27 Page Modular Marketing Plan, first written in 2011, is a fantastic resource to break your annual marketing goals into modules, and then plan out the months of content development. Written for a seasonal tourism business, no matter where in the world they are located – this marketing process also applies to a business or hobby in any niche.

The Modular Marketing Plan will help you plan out your ‘payday keywords’, and help you focus on segmenting different social media and website activities through different months of the year. We help you create website inquiries, measure the actions that are taken, and quantify where your leads are in the sales process.

Introducing Easy CRM

Ipmal provides complete, end-to-end, all in one web marketing with business analytics – not just google analytics and top rankings.

Iron the wrinkles before wearing the shirt

  • Business Development Training Included

    We plan and map out the entire customer lifecycle on a flow chart before building a new website. Ipmal places a big focus on sharing business development training. Our clients receive the very best support, education and help in all stages of planning, implementing and measuring the success of any marketing campaign!

  • We Educate, Coach And Mentor

    We educate our clients about the customer lifetime cycle, and together we craft an overview of a clear and specific process included in gaining a new customer and following up afterwards to provide additional service, provide extra value, offer up-sells and ask for referrals.

  • What Is The Lifetime Value Of Your Customer?

    Understanding Lifecycle Marketing and the tools that help to automate the Customer Relation Management.

    The Seven Steps of Lifecycle Marketing (LCM)

    Step 1: Attract Website Traffic
    Step 2: Capture More Leads
    Step 3: Nurture Prospects
    Step 4: Convert Prospects Into Sales
    Step 5: Deliver Customer Satisfaction
    Step 6: Upsell Customers
    Step 7: Get Referrals

    How To Put Lifecycle Marketing into Action

    If you want examples of how to apply Lifecycle Marketing to your business, this post will provide practical examples from the Ipmal Modular Marketing Plan that match each of the 7 Steps in Lifecycle Marketing.

    Attract Interest

  • Compelling Titles

    Attracting interest is a focus on how to draw your audience into read your content – or, how to get the click. This is the process of crafting powerful Titles and Article Descriptions to draw a prospect into the lead magnet.

  • Organic Search Traffic

    Building organic website traffic has always been the focus of Ipmal Founders, and our long-tail search-friendly method of creating deep, helpful content has been proven to bring in a steady stream of fresh traffic from search engine and social media assets, like videos on YouTube.

  • Capture Leads

  • Provide Something Meaningful

    Offer something more compelling than ‘Join Our Newsletter’. Your website visitors may be interested, but not ready to purchase – go out of your way to be creative, and provide something meaningful to your audience as a means of persuading them to give you their contact information so they can receive the information.

  • Solve a Problem, Avoid a Loss

    Build your lead capture machine around a solution. Give access to something exciting or informative – an MP3, video or a pre-recorded webinar that can be consumed on a mobile device. If you provide something that helps your audience solve a problem or avoid a difficulty, it will serve you with pre-warmed new leads for a very long time.

  • Nurture Prospects

  • Not Ready To Buy

    The cost of not nurturing – if you get 10% conversion rate – what happened to the other 90% when they were ready to buy? Do you have a lead nurturing campain to follow up? 7 email in a 45 day period. No price or promotions until day 20. We help you structure your nurturing to keep you leads really active!

  • Keep in Contact

    Don’t let your lead forget about you. Stay in contact at least once every two or three months at a minimum. When they are ready to buy – you want them in your nurture cycle. Make sure you stay in touch – remember the Lifetime value of your customers. If you don’t stay in touch – your competitors will.

  • Convert Sales

  • Increase Your Conversions

    Wondering how to increase your conversions? Soft sell. You don’t always want to be closing – just keep telling them about the benefits of your product or service and educate them about your product on how you will provide a better experience, help them solve a problem, or avoid a loss.

  • Show The Benefits

    Provide your Nurture List with the benefits – not the features and details. Be sure each communication answers this question in the mind of your prospect: ‘How will it benefit me?’ or ‘What will I experience’. Put out content that your content about why your service will benefit them

  • Deliver and Satisfy

  • Talk About Customer Service.

    Top Priority – talk about your customer service. Create a high level of customer service. Invest time, thought and technology that is available to ensure you provide the best customer service you can. Let them experience this service. You want to WOW your customer and really deliver.

    Let your customers know you always innovate and improve – especially with better ways to reach people on the Internet each day. Take time to consider – what makes people talk about your business? What makes them come back and buy from you?

  • Innovate Always Improve

    Over-deliver and under-promise – go over and above – give more than they pay for. Plan it out in advance, but don’t tell *them* everything you are going to do!

    Good deals always work – people love a bargain – if they buy x you get y for free as well, then your product packaging creates far greater value in the mind of your customer.

    Love your job. Love your work. If you are a business owner – you are going to work hard – you are going to sacrifice – so you better love your work!

  • Upsell Your Customer

  • The Best Upseller On Earth

    McDonalds is the best upseller on earth. Would you like fries with your order? Would you like to make that a meal? Anything to drink? Would you like a muffin with your coffee?

    Wouldn’t you agree that this simple staff training has created millions of dollars of additional revenue for McDonalds?

    You need to come up with things you can upsell to your customers. What else do they buy when using your product or service? Can you provide this to them or partner with someone who can?

  • What Else Do You Need?

    Start a conversation with customer – ask them questions. Be specific about what you are trying to upsell them on. Make your product packaging a ‘no brainer’ – the offer is very good, it is something they would be glad to do.

    Ask for the sale.

    Your job is to ask them what else they may need.

    Your Job is to offer additional service.

    It is their job to choose.

  • Getting referrals

  • How to Ask For Referrals

    Ask for them.

    Make sure you know how to ask for referrals. Come up with perfect line – write it down, practice, become comfortable.

    Make a habit of ending all networking conversations with – ‘By the way – do you know anyone else who might be interested in our product?’

    Teach people how to refer your service. Give them a 30 second elevator pitch. Give them one-liners about your benefits. Provide them with social media buttons, links, banners, pictures and other ways to share online.

  • Pay For Referrals

    Offer promotion – pay for referrals. When you close the deal, send a small commission or gift of appreciation – not big, not expensive, just show your gratitude for the referral.

    Always, always ask for referrals. Make it a habit.

    Every person who comes in your door or takes an action on your website – ask them.

  • Updating The Modular Marketing Plan

    After ten years of developing web sites for tourism businesses, we put together a modular marketing plan that has been our core document to content development guide. Our marketing consultants asses your technical preparedness, and then present a plan to bring your business up to speed with a complete web presence, including a WordPress website, good local search visibility, full social media presence, seamless eCommerce and much more!

  • Annual Marketing Plan Focus

    We help small businesses focus on content asset development around your ‘payday keyword phrases’. Over a decade of search engine optimization experience, we created the simple and powerful ‘Ipmal Social Assets Method’ of creating high quality, top organic search rankings with unique, original content. Careful development of Inbound Marketing Pieces, supported by all of the social media platforms, will create an ongoing stream of warm inquiries and leads.

  • Improving Website Conversions

    In addition, we incorporated the masterful marketing philosophies of International Tourism Marketing Consultant, Tim Warren. Tim suggests a sound strategy for improving your website effectiveness. Each site in our portfolio demonstrated lower bounce rate and better page-per-visit stats after following Tim’s guidelines!

  • Wondering Where To Start?

    How can you apply this without going more insane?

    • Automate the Lifecycle marketing steps.
    • Identify and eliminate repeat work.
    • Provide consistent nurturing automatically.
    • Ensure timely follow-ups without effort.
    • Start building, no more treading water.
    • Focus on best results!

    You Know You Are Suffering From Small Business Insanity WHEN:

    • you are working 80 hours a week to avoid a 40 hour a week job
    • you have trouble remaining consistent with the un-ending small reminders
    • you don’t have time to follow up with former customers
    • you are marketing your business the same way as in 2006, or worse
    • you are managing too many different web platforms
    • you are not asking networking contacts for referrals
    • your website is not mobile friendly
    • after months of work, you are not certain what marketing is working best

    Stop the Small Business Insanity, learn how to map out the Lifecycle Marketing of your ideal customer and improve your online marketing results today!


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