Resorts And Lodges – 3 Reasons You Need Google Plus

Personal Survey Of 150 Resorts and Lodges

After my personal survey of 100’s of lodge and resort websites across Canada, I found that

  • 95% of Resorts now have a Page on Facebook.
  • Less than 10% of those also have Twitter,
  • only a couple listed LinkedIn – and only
  • three of 100 listed their ‘Google My Business’ Page

A Monumental Shift Taking Place

We are in the middle of two monumental changes on the social media playing field:

  • Facebook is losing effectiveness, and
  • Google Plus is getting more effective
  • – and so this is the ideal time to get your business fully established on Goolge Plus.

    When Facebook changed it’s newsfeed algorithm to limit the organic reach of business pages, and I stared experimenting more with Google Plus. Since this time I have been on a quest to test and understand all about Google Plus, Google Local and ‘Google My Business’. The more I read about Google Plus, the more I began to see the genius in the platform.

    Why Facebook Pages Are Getting Less Organic Traffic

    Facebook pages are getting less organic traffic as explained by Facebook, a typical Facebook user can have as many as 1500 posts per day from the people in their networks and the pages they like, so Facebook has an algorithm that determine the most engaging posts and only shows about 300 posts.

    “Our goal with News Feed is always to show each individual the most relevant blend of stories that maximizes engagement and interest.” – Facebook

    If you pay, your post is more ‘engaging’.

    Facebook Page Managers See The Difference

    Garden Island Lodge has over 8200 Likes, and this is what they have been experiencing:

    Garden Island Fishing Lodge says – I used to notice the posts reaching up to 30000 people now they never seem to break more than 2000 even though there are more followers.

    And The New Opportunity On Google Plus

    However effective it may be to pay Facebook to boost the posts on your page – Here are three important reasons why your business needs to consider Google Plus… three big advantages for connecting with your ideal audience to generate new leads and sales for business:

    1. Google My Business Pages gain more traction in the personalized search results of people who Circle you:
    2. local search prominently display Google Maps when a ‘location name’ is used in a search,
    3. Google Local Business Reviews from your page are featured in search results

    (The trusted business reviews on Google Plus are taking over from TripAdvisor, who are also raising fees)

    Time To ‘Google’ Your Business

    The shift to a paid model of reaching your audience on Facebook, and the added benefits of connections on Google Plus – means that it is time for a fully configured presence on Google Plus.
    Ask Me How.

    Essentials: The First Steps On Google Plus

    Given that your followers on Google Plus will see your recommendations in their personalized search results, start with this simple strategy to boost the search visibility of the online assets you already have:

    give each page and post on your website a ‘Plus One’.

    When a new person follows you on Google Plus in the future, they are more likely to see the pages you have shared with a +1 on Google My Business Page!

    Use this high-leverage strategy now to gain lasting marketing benefits now and into the future!

    Selling With Social Media

    Social media is just one layer in the nurturing process to attract more leads – and – now that Google search results are skewed, based on the circles that your are in within Google Plus – the writing is on the wall…

    Be it Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest or others… Social Media is a vital starting point for connecting with new leads, but it is not the place to try and close sales.

    The Best Place To Convert Social Media Leads

    Once you gain new leads and contacts via Social Media, only 3% will be ready to book a trip – most often, you new followers must be nurtured and encouraged to take the next step in the relationship.

    Don’t just it to these new followers to contact you by email where you can manually take the time to chat with each prospect, instead, you can give your social media contacts a compelling reason to become an email subscriber – where then, you can save hours of computer time every week by automating a private, one-on-one conversation with that individual to educate them about the very product or service they expressed an interest in.

    With that path of attraction, conversion, care and attention, your leads are far more likely to become customers.

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