Snake Man From Brazil Teaches Me Lessons In Tourism Marketing

Last week I had the good fortune of taking several tours in Bonito, Brazil with my lovely and amazing Fiance. We floated down a tropical river and swam with a stunning array of fish I have never seen before. We toured a sub-trerainian cave and learned the history of the unique geology of the area. We toured an amazing bird preserve with a unique habitat for Blue and Gold Mackaws and big red mackaws – absolutely breath taking.

And the best tour of all was a seated lecture, where we learned about Snakes!

The Jiboia Project

I have to share the fact that the snake tour/lecture was entirely in Portuguese, and I could only understand a few words – but, for me, this was an unexpected highlight of my tourism experience in Bonito.

The reason this tour was such a hightlight was the straight and simple genius of the marketing this man has done, to literally, put himself on the map – in one of the most popular tourism spots in Brazil.

His passion for his work easily came through – even though I could not understand much of what he said.

More than that – I was completely impressed with the way he engaged his audience – and brought all of us along to join him in his mission – with the use of social media.

Join Henrique On His Mission

  • At the end of his talk, he invited individuals and couples to pose for pictures – while holding one of his large, but domesticated snakes.

    Many people were afraid – but everyone worked up the courage to hold the snake and stand for a photo.

  • Our presenter was happy to become the photographer, and take pictures of everyone using their own cameras and smart phones – and he was very direct about asking people to share their pictures with him on his Instagram profile!

  • Word Of Mouth Marketing Online

    This is a fantastic way to get word-of-mouth advertising with the friends, family and co-workers of everyone who was at the presentation that night. And I shook his hand at the end, congratulating him on a job well done.

  • Once the lecture was over and my beautiful partner, Daniele and I were heading back to our hotel – I learned more of the highlights of the talk. Daniele handed me a Tour Map of Bonito – I folded it open and she explained that this map was created by our Snake Man…

  • The map is the best reference for all the various tours in the area, and it is shared freely by tour companies and various places in the community… the kicker is – our Snake Man Star has place his own advertising and photograph in two key places on the map!

  • Genius and Hard Work Together

  • This map has enabled our Snake Man to create and grow a successful business – and more than that – has enabled him to increase awareness, to educate thousands of people about the benign and the dangerous snakes in the region.

    Coupled with his inventive way of gaining the active help of his audience to share the message about snakes – he has been able to grow his referal based guests who come to his presentation because of the connections he has established with each and every audience he presents to.

  • A fantastic example of positioning his business for success by providing a very helpful and valuable map that helps every tourist in the area to find the remote Tour locations – and then he leverages this audience to grow his audience and spread the message and educate people with the truth about snakes.


  • Social Media Lessons In Tourism Marketing

  • And I nominate him for the Best Tour Operator in Bonito, Brazil! I hope that you head over to his website, and browse through the amazing array of pictures that people have shared with him on Instagram.

  • Perhaps you may not ~follow~ him – maybe snakes are not your thing – but I heartily recommend that you take his wonderful marketing example, and ponder it… consider how YOUR business might take the example of his thoughtful methods and apply these lessons in Tourism Marketing to improve your social media exposure.

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