Successful Website Case Study Series

Introducing an Ipmal Special Feature! A new successful Website Case Study Series.

Today we are reviewing the case study of an successful entrepreneur in small niche within the clothing industry, we can gain insights on how Infusionsoft helped them grow their business.

Small Business Website Case Study Examples

The website case study examples are drawn from Infusionsoft – a complete marketing cycle customer relations management system that integrates with your e-mail list your website and your shopping cart to automate many internal business process is and help you identify up sell opportunity’s while building more customer retention.

I am very excited to learn everything I can from the successful project case studies that Infusionsoft provides to explain the benefits of this complete and automated web marketing and tracking solution.

While there are no specific tourism and travel business website case studies, the experience shared by the business owners in different niches will help you see where this marketing tool can help to improve all processes in your Customer Relation Management.

Successful Website Case Study

Ipmal Social Media – a Canadian SEO Firm in Winnipeg, Manitoba, that provides complete, mobile friendly, WordPress Website development that is integrated with social media and local search, for SEO that creates inbound marketing assets to provide your business lasting organic search traffic. Teamed up as an Infusionsoft Affiliate, our company is dedicated to incorporating this affordable and powerful customer relations management system into the business processes of our clients – and finally unlocking the amazing benefit of true web-based Customer Service Management.

Watch for more business CRM case studies – coming soon!


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