Test Your Website For Duplicate Content

There is a lot of uncertainty about ‘Duplicate Content’ – and for good reason… it’s not as clear-cut as you might think.

What Is Duplicate Content?

If you have repeat content on your website over and over, the search engines don’t know which page to index – they mark your content as lower quality, and your site doesn’t rank well for any terms.

Duplicate Content Shocker!

I was surprised to test this content marketing services website, Ipmal.com, only find out that it was in the red zone, and way above average for duplicate content!!

Wow, I thought, how could this be?

The articles on this website are completely original and focused around the topics of social media campaign strategies, web design with wordpress, and other aspects of internet marketing for resorts and tour companies. This website is very small – there are no repeat pages on this site and all fully white-hat SEO by our in-house search engine optimization specialist.

How To Check For Duplicate Content

Over the past few days, we have been using Siteliner.com to scan, test and improve all the travel, lodge and resort websites managed by our small business marketing agency.

After the scan is complete, click on ‘Your Pages’ along the top left, then select ‘Download The Current Table’ and save the CSV spreadsheet. Repeat this process to download and save each of the spreadsheets so you can make changes to your site and then repeat the scan in a month to measure the results.

An Easy Way To Reduce Duplicate Content

Turns out the trouble was an easy fix – using the Yoast SEO For WordPress plugin, I simply mark the category pages and the tag pages as ‘no-index’, and the search engines stop seeing the duplicate content. When used correctly, the tags and categories within WordPress are very helpful in organizing similar content. However, when set up incorrectly, the tags and categories will present the same page to the search engines from many different paths. As a result, the search engines see the same page as many different, but identical, pages.

Additional Extras From SiteLiner

Siteliner is a fantastic source of information to help you improve your website – and also a great way to study your competitors when creating or updating your marketing plan outline.

Scan the websites of a few of your top competitors, and save and study the reports and spreadsheets to discover more about their website structure and content. Useful for content marketing agencies, small business internet marketing and DIY hobby bloggers, Siteliner can do much more than just test tour website for duplicate content – you also get an instant, birds-eye view of the content marketing strategies of your competitors!

Looking for an internet marketing agency to help with web development? Start out with our 10 Point Website Inspection, and get some real data to help grow your business.

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