Tune Your Google Business Page For More Clicks, Calls, and Business Leads

How to improve your business page on Google

The other day Facebook announced a new way to share the posts from your Brand Page. You can now embed your posts into blogs and webpages, directly from your page on Facebook.

Ironic that I choose to test the new feature with a reference to an article about Google Plus! 😉

  • Facebook business pages are not the only place to market your business online – LinkedIn and Google Plus can offer better results.

    Here is an article with fantastic details on steps you can take to improve your business page on Google.

    Back in 2012, Phil Rozek wrote “How to Pimp Your Google Place Page”, which turned out to be a very popular article.

  • Since then Google Places… I mean Google+ Local… I mean Google My Business has been through a ton of changes, and Phil’s back with a brand new version of the post with all the latest tips and tricks you can apply to “pimp out” that place page and get more clicks, calls, and business leads.


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